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How to become a gunsmith? (France practical Guide)

The gunsmith’s trade consists in the assembly of weapons. One becomes one after a CAP armory and one can specialize with a Brevet des Métiers d’Art (BMA) Art of the metal option armory. These diplomas are valid only at Saint Etienne at the Lycée Professionnel Benoît Fourneyron.

The steps of becoming a gunsmith

The CAP armory will allow you to manufacture firearms and weapons. Then to restore them, to repair them, to sell them and to know the legislation of the sale of arms in France which is very strict.

It will therefore be necessary to work the general subjects without forgetting the English. You will learn how to work iron as a blacksmith and to know perfectly the tooling of armory. Woodworking is reserved for the manufacture of the butt.

If your interest in hunting is the reason for your passion for weapons, selling arms to a gunsmith will allow you to practice your passion. Customer contact for expert advice and compliance with French weapons legislation will be the strengths.

You may also be passionate about the Mithril ornaments that have made you dream from childhood. Wood and iron work will make you expert in this field. Ancient weapons attract you because you consider them to be works of art and heritage objects. You will be able to orientate yourself towards the BMA of the metal option armory. The restoration of ancient weapons is increasingly demanded by the conservation of heritage throughout Europe.

Important tips

  • Accommodation at the Professional College of Benoît Fourneyron is very well organized for students from all over France.
  • There are other training institutions in Belgium in Liège and Rance.
  • The Salon d’Armeville takes place every year in Saint Etienne. It allows you to meet all professionals of the hunting sector and gunsmiths. You will be able to get a precise idea of ​​what your future job will be.
  • There is a union of national weapons lovers who will surely be able to answer your questions.
  • Keywords for the search engines: training gunsmiths, gunsmiths, gunsmiths, gunsmiths and gunsmiths, how to become gunsmiths? Armourier France, armory France, armourier Paris, manufacture forge, employment gunsmith, employment armory, forge of blacksmith, mithril orne.

My opinion

After a survey of this profession, I realize that employment opportunities are important because you will not only be a high-tech technician able to work with iron and wood, but also a good salesperson and in addition If you wish it a restorer of ancient weapons. That is, an expert in your field.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a companion dog. No more no less. He was not bred to hunt birds in the field or to get into rabbit holes. He is clever and refined and was brought up to keep the man company. Anyway, anyone who likes to sit on the couch with their master and watch TV while putting an occasional treat in their mouth does not mean that they do not like fun or that they are not active.

The French Bulldog is considered the clown of the canine world. Some dogs will tolerate wearing a paper hat and sitting in front of a birthday cake while taking pictures, and other dogs will wear a hat and a T-shirt and allow their young mistresses to take them in a baby carriage. The French Bulldog enjoys these buffoonies and participates fully. He likes Mickey Mouse’s hats, caps and ears and he loves the necklace that has been part of his clothing since the late nineteenth century. He also likes sunglasses of any size. He enjoys riding in vehicles, and you can see photos of French Bulldog in trolleys, cars, trolleys and bicycles. Some French Bulldogs pull carts, or are mounted on them. They also like to do things as a couple. If a French Bulldog likes to dress up to celebrate a birthday, he will like to have another French Bulldog at his side (which, of course, is also disguised). There is nothing better for a French Bulldog who enjoys reclining next to his master on the couch in the afternoon than the other French Bulldog rests on him.

The English standard points out that he is lively, affectionate and intelligent. The American offers many more adjectives: they are companions with a good behavior, adaptable and comfortable, with an affectionate nature and a balanced mood; Is generally active, alert and playful, though not overly bustling.

In some countries their participation in tests of obedience is admitted, in which case their action is very correct. Few things are better than seeing a French Bulldog jumping over the fences. If you train your dog for obedience you should enroll in a training club where they have the necessary facilities and requirements and you should work a little each day with your dog to be successful.

The Agility is the canine activity with a greater height and Bulldog French can participate in this active sport. Attend a test of this type and see if it is appropriate for your dog, as it is a great exercise for both the dog and the presenter. As for obedience, it is interesting to be part of a club that has the necessary facilities and utensils.

A great advantage of the French Bulldog on many other breeds is that their grooming is minimal and consists mainly of weekly brushing. Do it with a bristle brush or glove. Bathe it when necessary and wipe the creases of your face with a damp cloth. We should cut their nails about every three weeks. If you can not do this, take it to the veterinarian or a canine hairdresser. Once a month you may want to put him in the sink and bathe him. This will cause dead hairs to become looser, so brush it thoroughly after bathing, as this will remove dead hairs from the deepest part of the coat. A good time to cut your nails will be after the bath, as they will be softer and easier to cut. You may want to cut your mustache, as this will give it a neat and clean look. Stick with a towel or a dryer and, if the day is warm, you may want to let it dry in the yard or garden.

If you are going to present your French Bulldog at the beauty dog ​​shows, you may want to apply an ointment or other product on your coat so that it has a better luster. The haircut for a French Bulldog exhibition will be minimal and the only goal is to give it a neat look. Voilà ! It’s over! The dogs of short layer are of easy maintenance and the ones that we have we appreciate it. The French Bulldog is one of the brachycephalous breeds (short-faced and muzzled), including the French Bulldog , Boxer , Pug and Boston Terrier . These small dog breeds have abnormally small nostrils and a relatively long palate. Dogs prefer to breathe for the truffle, and for these breeds this is more difficult because of their small noses. All brachycephalous races, due to their narrow nasal openings, are very susceptible to cold and heat. We should not allow the French Bulldog to perform a grueling exercise in the summer and we should never leave him in a car parked in the sun. Likewise, if the weather is cold, your little friend will not stay away from home for long. The French Bulldogs have a very short and curled tail and may be prone to fullness of the anal glands. The dog has two anal glands on both sides of the rectum. Due to the coiled tail, It is more difficult to evacuate these glands in the French Bulldog than in other races. When you take your dog to the vet for a checkup, you should have him examine the anal glands to see if they need to be emptied. Premature degeneration of intervertebral discs may be a problem in this breed. The symptoms are a stretched or stiff neck, limp of the front or back legs and loss of control over the bladder of the urine. If this problem occurs you should go to the vet, and the treatment will consist of surgery or drug administration. Normal births are rare because of the large head size and small pelvic diameter, and caesarean sections are almost always performed. Juvenile cataracts can also be a problem. It is a hereditary disease and you should ask the breeder if this problem affects your line. You must have a good veterinarian who knows the breed and its health problems. The good first owner of a French Bulldog will be informed of the various problems that may affect him. Unfortunately, most purebred dogs are prone to certain diseases, and the French Bulldog is no exception. Do not be afraid to ask the breeder about these and other issues that may affect the breed. The good first owner of a French Bulldog will be informed of the various problems that may affect him. Unfortunately, most purebred dogs are prone to certain diseases, and the French Bulldog is no exception. Do not be afraid to ask the breeder about these and other issues that may affect the breed. The good first owner of a French Bulldog will be informed of the various problems that may affect him. Unfortunately, most purebred dogs are prone to certain diseases, and the French Bulldog is no exception. Do not be afraid to ask the breeder about these and other issues that may affect the breed.

The 7 best KAYAKS WINCHES 2016. Euro Buying guide

The kayak is a means of transport similar to a canoe that allows to move between waters.

Today, it is widely used as a form of outdoor fun because it allows us to travel through unknown landscapes and be in contact with nature.

Before buying a kayak it is essential that you take into account some characteristics that we deepen below.

Know what are the price ranges of the models that are available in the market today and everything you should take into account before acquiring a Kayak.

Price Range of a Kayak

There are many Kayak options on the market, in general the prices range from 70 euros to the most expensive which can have a price of 1000 euros. The frequency of use, the capacity of the boat, the accessories it brings, the weight it supports, the design and other characteristics are what make the price vary. Here at, you can read our list of cheap inflatable kayaks.

A very important element affecting price is the weight of the kayak, take into account that the models for shallow water weigh less and tend to be more affordable, while more expensive models are made for open water. According to the use that you are going to give, then go for the design that suits, since it is not worth it that you make a tremendous investment in a kayak that is of professional use if you have in mind to use it in borders, beaches or lakes.

Next, know in more detail what elements you have to check very well to select your new kayak.

Features to consider before buying a kayak

1. Capacity of the kayak single or double?

Kayaks are made for one, two or four people. According to what you are looking for, try to get a model that suits. There are boats that are very comfortable and have seats that fit , in case you want them to be used by children.

2. Elements and equipment of kayak

There are many accessories that make it easier to use these boats, as kayaks do not always bring paddles, but this does not make a big difference because there are many options on the market.

Also, some bring the bags to roll them up; This is an easy way to save and move them and without doubt, an important accessory.

3. Kayak Material

For the kayak to support frequent use it is important that it has a resistant material since it will be exposed to the sun and sea salt and therefore, it is better to check this point in detail.

Most are made of PVC, but some models include Nylon. In all cases, take into account how long the durability has according to manufacturers.

4. Ease of swelling and deflation

Most kayaks come with a pump to fill it with air and remove it, but it is also very advantageous that it has built-in independent air chambers. The latest news is that these are accompanied by a boston valve that makes swelling and deflation faster.

5. Weight of the kayak

You should ask yourself what you are going to use before buying it. It’s because only then can you identify which weight is best for you. The best models of kayaks are those of high resistance, reliability and rigidity; This according to experts is achieved with the least relative weight.

The most basic kayaks have a weight of 13 to 15 kilos, and show excellent rigidity and high reliability in shallow water, while ocean kayaks reach up to 25 kilos, but remain strong and provide safety.

9m dynamic background projected with laser for Vietnam National Assembly television channel

Four projectors with 3LCD VPL-FHZ55 laser light source create a spectacular 9m background in the studio of the new TV channel of the National Assembly of Vietnam. With up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use, the low-power VPL-FHZ55 delivers crisp high contrast images while reducing operating costs compared to conventional projectors.


Vietnamese TV viewers fascinated with a flashy video panel

Viewers tuning into Vietnam’s new National Assembly television channel can see how stories come to life with a colorful 9-m video background, the largest screen of its kind on a Vietnamese television network.

The chain began broadcasting in late 2014 with the aim of strengthening relations between the citizens of Vietnam and the National Constituent Assembly. In this way, it aims to improve parliamentary transparency and encourage interaction between voters and parliamentarians in Vietnam.

In its quest to achieve a more committed relationship with its viewers, the National Assembly television channel has invested in technologies and equipment that will enhance the level of commitment between viewers and the content experience. It has also made a strategic decision to ensure that the best hardware and infrastructures are used in all live operations.

The great impression of the laser

In order to provide viewers with a powerful experience, the National Assembly television channel consulted with Nam Long Audio & Visual Ltd. Co. to create an animated and dynamic video background for the newscasters in the studio. Nam Long Audio & Visual, distributor Sony projectors in Vietnam since 2009, proposed a reliable solution with guaranteed future using projectors with laser light source 3LCD VPL-FHZ55 Sony to reproduce stunning large images in limited space With excellent reliability and minimal downtime.

The stories come to life in the studio thanks to a dynamic large background behind the presenter. With 9 meters in length, the large screen is composed of perfectly merged images of four VPL-FHZ55 units, projected onto a rigid high-contrast display from the DNP supplier.

An ingenious double mirror solution reduces the distance between the projectors and the screen, from 3 meters to only 1.5 meters, and allows to project a large image of 270 cm. Unlike “mosaic” video panels created with multiple video monitors, the rear projection with edge merging eliminates annoying black lines between monitors.

This solution with future technology also gives the chain the possibility to add more projectors with great ease, in case it is necessary to create a bigger image.

Perfect and brilliant images with exceptional reliability

The projector with 3LCD laser light source VPL-FHZ55 offers a powerful 4000 lumens color light output with a WUXGA resolution of great detail (1920 x 1200), superior even to Full HD. The high-efficiency laser light source is combined with Sony’s advanced 3LCD BrightEra ™ panel technology to ensure brilliant high-contrast images with excellent contrast and color stability.

The long-lasting laser light source also offers up to 20,000 hours of operation without the need to replace the lamp or perform any other maintenance. All of this offers clear advantages to all the busy live operations taking place on the National Assembly television channel, where equipment downtime is limited. Visit this link

Black Head Pilaten, the mask to eliminate blackheads

Every day we are more concerned, both girls and boys, by the care of our bodies and our appearance. : From adolescence an enemy who seeks to join the rest of our lives appears the evil black spots . There are two solutions if we want to eliminate them . While we can nail against nail pinch and remove them one by one or use creams that help facilitate the process . Trying to get away with them, I test the effectiveness of Black Head pilaten mask. I will detail the application process and results.

The system use of this substance is quite simple, although it is true that when we look at the package absolutely understand nothing of her perfect Traditional Chinese . Indeed, it is a product purchased through Aliexpress and come directly from China, hence the text on the back of the package does not even come in English. I used the Google Translator app camera mode that translates everything is in focus and more or less this is what can be read:

All essence, cream need to exclude parts of the body evenly, using the application after 30 minutes after cleaning to block tear Producer

As can be seen, nor is it the best translation, but part of the procedure with the words intuits 30 minutes, something that solves my biggest doubt is the duration of treatment.


It was time to use the cream. First it is necessary to clean the area well to apply.
I used a wet washcloth and I waited for it to dry before spreading my face with cream. Due to the reduced visibility that I have of my own face, h and asked someone to help me throw . If you feel able to easily carry it yourself, at least stand before a mirror.

Very dark, almost black, substance rather high, very thick density. It seems oil. It is spread easily and is easily attached to the face , but still retains its liquid state, so it is advisable to stay the first few minutes with his face looking up to you not drip and drench lips. Spread it evenly throughout the space that allows you. An envelope gives more or less to the area of the nose, cheekbones and some eyebrows and forehead if the stretch .

First cold feeling , logical if you’re spreading a liquid on your face. After the first five minutes and should be able to merge without dripping substance. Now we just have to wait for it to dry , so it will touch to any other activity that entertains us in the meantime, because the cream to dry and do take effect. Approximately 30 minutes as translated we did above.

Time passes and now has almost dried up . Now the feeling is as if something was tightening the skin . I felt on the nose as if he had something hanging, as if it had weight. If time has passed and the feeling is like, it is time to remove the substance should no longer be creamy but solid.

He played lightly with your fingers to not withdraw if something is still wet. If there is certainty that is dry, remove it touches. Since the instructions do not make it clear, I removed gently , slowly. From one end I started to lift. The truth is that s ale quite easily and in one piece . To remove whole again I cleaned the area with water also removing the pieces that did not come out in one piece.

Satisfactory results POINTS OUT

Work done. Black Head does its job quite well. In my case, I had many black spots because I had enough left. There are still some, but it is true that a good portion removed , leaving most stuck in the band that have withdrawn from the face. Presumably with new uses blackheads are removed completely. The feeling on the face is smooth and quite pleasant and satisfactory result.

It can be found in Aliexpress under the name Black Head in different formats which usually ranges from a small boat in which all content is up or as in my case six individual sachets of 6 grams at a price of 2.73 €.


Incidentally, in the Chinese text back a product description “Advanced technology developed from unique ingredients, effective removal of acne, pimples nose …” is discerned. Also some of its ingredients: polyvinyl alcohol, glycerol, propylene glycol, collagen, mud, imidazolidinyl, urea and others. Finally address and company contact.

French lawyers determined to defend justice Vietnam Dioxin victims

French lawyers determined to defend justice Dioxin victims vietnam hinh 0

The lawyer Bertrand Repold

Lawyers Office William Bourdon Forestier in Paris, France pledged to support the struggle for justice of millions of victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin in Vietnam. In a press conference held on August in Ho Chi Minh, Tran To Nga, a victim and also a representative for the Vietnamese people exposed to this toxic substance along with those French lawyers he reported that they have filed their lawsuit against 26 US companies producers and suppliers of defoliants, including dioxin US troops during the war in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the personal injury lawyer florence sc Bertrand Repold revealed that nothing more involved in defending the rights of the French victim of Vietnamese origin, Tran To Nga, he and his colleagues remain confident in the victory thanks to the available evidence, including documents collected and living witnesses who are victims of their relatives agent orange / dioxin and who for decades have suffered untold pain both material and spiritual. Currently, the Office William Bourdon Forestier performs functions related to the defense of human rights, which receives support from around the world, said Bertrand Repold.

France strengthens security measures following the attacks Brussels

France today increased security measures with the strengthening of border control and infrastructure of air, sea and land transportation after the attacks which have cost the lives of at least 21 people in Brussels.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, announced that a cabinet crisis government agreed to deploy 1,600 police and additional gendarmes in the country, which is in a state of emergency after the attacks of November 13, 2015 that caused 130 deaths and more 300 wounded and also Recommended locksmith in Nottingham.

The deployment of these agents, as indicated at the end of the crisis cabinet meeting at the Elysee, is intended to strengthen border control and infrastructure of air, sea and rail transport.

The minister recalled that the mobilization of France had already raised after the attacks in mid-November, after which 5,000 police and gendarmes were allocated to border control, “particularly those in the north”.

In total, according to their data, 220 points are subject to controls, 42 of them in a “systematic and ongoing” and for four months has been controlled six million people and prevented entry into the country to 10,000 individuals .

After the arrest last Friday in Brussels that logistics jihadist responsibility for the attacks in Paris, Salah Abdeslam is attributed, the Executive called for reinforcing the whole device, which was also made today after new attacks.

The Government noted that access to public areas of transport infrastructure, where military patrols will help already deployed agentswill only allow people with ticket and / or identification.

“These latest developments show the importance of starting as soon as possible the requests made to the European Union to strengthen coordination and the fight against terrorism,” Cazeneuve said.

Including Europe to have a record of passenger data (PNR) to strengthen mechanisms for control within the Schengen area, which files on criminals connected to the Schengen Information System and a “task force” fight against counterfeit documents can intervene “without delay”.

“It is essential to maintain mobilization and vigilance at the height of the particularly strong threat that we face and react with cold, lucid and reactivity blood in all matters,” he said.

The French foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, said in a separate statement that after a telephone conversation with his Belgian counterpart, Didier Reynders, France and Belgium have decided to “increase their coordination in the fight against terrorism.”

Flame malware used against French government

According to the French magazine WP Malware, the offices of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, were victims of a cyber attack. Interestingly, the famous malware known as Flame was used in the offensive.

The origin of the malware remains a mystery, however, many security experts attribute to the joint work of a development team of Israel and the United States.

According to the source code analysis of Flame  by Kaspersky, malware is linked to Stuxnet, one version of a module Flame who shared in common with Stuxnet spy tool.

Flame is considered one of the most complex tools of espionage produced in a project sponsored by the State, its use in attacks against the French government suggests the existence of a cyber espionage campaign to collect sensitive information.

An official statement from the Elysee Palace spokesman and reported by the magazine L’Express says: “The attackers managed to not only reach the heart of French political power, but they were able to search the computer of the closest advisers to Nicolas Sarkozy “.

Undoubtedly, the operation allowed steal confidential information concerning the policy of the French government, although it seems not directly involve the president, who actually does not use a personal computer. “Secret notes were recovered from hard drives, as well as strategic plans,” he reported the article.

The attack vector used to spread malware is the popular social network Facebook, hackers share a link to a compromised website that replicates the Elysee intranet to gather user credentials.

Flame has infected a computer belonging to the presidential network that includes a number of close collaborators Sarkozy.

The malicious code was detected by the National Security Agency Information Systems (ANSSI) immediately blocked the network to carry out the analysis and, of course, clean up the infrastructure.

The French government avoided comment on the incident, but Internet is circulating the news about the possible involvement of the United States.

Government sources revealed that the national infrastructure is under constant attacks, declared that two other large-scale attacks were discovered in May, without providing additional information.

French court judges the “dentist horror” mutilating a hundred patients

The correctional court of Nevers has initiated a process against this dentist 51, who in his first statement said that people “not interested”

Details of the case documentation – AFP

Known as “dentist horror” Jacobus Van Nierop Dutch, it appears these days before the French court to answer the charge of having mutilated the mouths of a hundred patients between 2008 and 2012.

The correctional court of Nevers (central France) has initiated a process ten days against this dentist 51, who in his first statement said that people “not interested” since the death of his wife and admitted responsibility for the facts attributed to him.

However, he said he does not remember many of the more than one hundred cases against him, which earned him the charges of mutilation, violence against vulnerable or fraud, among others.

 Van Nierop came from Holland to settle in the French town of Chateau-Chinon, where it caused damage to their patients as severe infections or jaw problems .

Shortly after arriving to the small town she began to be distinguished by their brutal practices, which led him to start up eight teeth in one session or nineteen bill medical acts to Social Security in a session just ten minutes.

After the scandal broke, the doctor fled to Canada , where he was sent off towards the Netherlands, which extradited him back to France, where he hasbeen detained since and where he now faces up to ten years in prison.

According to gather of the dentist in Florence SC media, one of his victims, Sylviane Boulesteix, 65, he said he was toothless for a year and a half after passing through the consultation of the Dutch, former rugby player and appreciated upon arrival in an area without just health professionals.

The woman explained that the dentist pulled “eight teeth at once”, after which was urinating blood for three days.

It was not until 2011 when the school of surgical dentists filed a complaint against the man for illegal practices.

Social Security joined the process, to detect irregularities in billing inquiries.

Prosecutors reported at the beginning of the trial that several of the victims’ dentist horror ” still suffer consequences important.

The verdict of this case is expected on March 18 , although it could be delayed.


Six lessons of seduction to learn of French women

It is said that they are the most sensual and erotic, and they always know what they want and how to get it.

Red lips, a skirt that reveals her curves, deep, sexy look and no more and no less, men fall at her feet melted. Oh là là!

It is said that French women are masterpieces true seduction and romance, anyone else they have a “chic” “glamor” and a super lingerie that fact be recognized worldwide as the best lovers.

Myth or reality?

Movies and literature abound. Although to realize it is a matter of visiting the Gallic country and discover that most women know well how to manage forever be “dazzling” and give gala that iconic that the above image.

For the psychologist Constance del Rosario , gender specialist , sexuality and relationships, there are many types of French women and probably are not all the sophisticated Parisian icon that appears to be out of the magazine “Vogue”. But agrees with that in the collective unconscious is associated with the image of seduction.

Reason says there may be many and appoints the French Revolution , represented by the image of a woman with bare chest in the famous picture of Eugène Delacroix since France is associated with brothels with high quality shows, food and parties in excess as the Moulin Rouge.

“It is also the first women fighting for women ‘s emancipation and give rise to sexual liberation are French, Olympia de Gouges, . Simone de Beauvoir, among others is May 68 in France, which claimed freedom through the sexual liberation erotica of Anais Nin; the voice of Edith Piaf, the sensuality of Briggitte Bardot, the softness and femininity of Amélie ” he says in Unlock Her Legs Review

There are reasons why French women are globally considered as the standard bearers of sexual freedom, eroticism, sensuality and elegance.

What learn from them?

The specialist proposes to reflect and assimilate the integration that they have made his female, making its best. “they are determined women, empowered, secure, confident and connected with eroticism, which unfold with femininity, sensuality and elegance , ” says Constanza del Rosario. in addition, the specialist said that the French know they have the same rights as a man but not compete or try to be one of them, but are related to the time since the sameness and difference, allowing your partner to be and feel manly, from self – esteem, confidence and security love, where sex knows more good. Now, what to learn from them in practice in your everyday life ? Constanza del Rosario teaches what to highlight and learn from the French. Take note!

Lesson 1: Flirtation philosophy of life: Living in a seductive pose, understood not as a willingness to deceive or manipulate but to be connected and aware of our body, our body language and our five key senses in living of sensuality. This not only strengthens our self – esteem and enriches our life together and sexuality, but gives us freedom, play and personal satisfaction. “Chilean tend to be more mental, to stress the body, put distances, to do due to . defensiveness and repress for fear of what people say or what misunderstand his attitude why do sensuality a philosophy of life, it is like living travel and discover the world every day , “recommends.

Lesson 2: proactive and uninhibited woman: postmodern men appreciate this attitude and find sexy a woman to go in search of what you want and express your desire. Now, this is not from a masculine energy but from the style of own seduction of a woman who is more delicate, TRENDY through her ​​feminine charms to encourage a man to an erotic adventure. “They want to have sex with a woman not someone who behaves as one of the Club of Toby, but old – fashioned and especially chauvinistic do not appreciate the attitude of seeking female pleasure and have to quickly devalue a woman who wants a casual adventure of a night , “he says.

Lesson 3: positive attitude: With it you save stay stuck or getting involved in relationships that have no future. Not to be confused with the idea of disposable relationships in a logic of consumption, but an attitude that allows establishing long – standing relationships and favorable future. ” You’ll avoid also fall into the dangerous vices of routine, comfort and safety consider the other as a possession that must exclusivity “advises Constanza del Rosario.

Lesson 4: sex and rating: not overestimate the coital sex but enjoy, connect with what happens before penetration. The French believe that the penetration is the icing on the cake, but the cake and if a woman has not been well stimulated, because the partner is “two tablespoons and potatoes” or insists on using a technique she has appointed him . more than ever I do not like, the strike comes “But without getting loose or allow drought is increasing , ” he warns.

Lesson 5: affective Independence:   This means not being afraid to leave a relationship that it is for you to say for or fear of loneliness, but the next you make a better selection process. Furthermore, you relate from love to you and the other, from the valuation and mutual acceptance, not from criticism for the other suits or you want to change it to meet your expectations but you leave grateful and keep searching. ” you have to learn and be aware that being in a relationship is a choice and a day job, which both have to do their part to maintain the connection, charm and mutual motivation , “says the psychologist.

Lesson 6: Feeling attractive to be: beauty is an attitude. The French appreciate more the inner qualities that physical appearance, including happiness, kindness, trust, dignity and good humor.

“Get caught and be seduced by life itself, stay connected with the feeling of your body, senses and leaves wasting time and uses that are alive. being attractive part for you, if you do not believe, do not projecting “he reflects.

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