About VietFrance
The Vietnamese Way to Europe


VIETFRANCE is the very first challenge of the Vietnamese Community in Europe. A unique reference which will lead you to various Vietnamese communities in France and all over Europe.
Here are the pages' topics on VietFrance :
Links to all pages made by the Vietnamese Community in Europe. The sites are mostly in French but an English version is often available to surfers.
Links to Worldwide Vietnamese Community Web Sites on the Net. The sites hosts extensive links to other Vietnamese web sites.
Selected Web sites made by the Vietnamese Community around the globe. Topics mainly are : art, music, poetry, magazines, politics, history, ...
MODERN LIFE Selected web sites made by Europeans for easier access to European Life : transportation, communication, sports, entertainment.
Specially designed for teenagers and young adults to better surf on the Net : download software, MP3's, Midi's, stars pictures, jokes, community events, ...
FORUM A discussion forum specially made for better communication between the Vietnamese European communities and Rest of the World.
NEWS All new sites referenced by VietFrance. Welcome page.
2nd Generation A dedicated page to the Second Generation of Vietnamese in Europe and around the World.
RADIO Radio Webcasts in Vietnamese.
BEST OF The very best of Vietfrance. Selected poems from the Vietfrance forum.

All comments and site suggestions, please send a mail to webmaster@vietfrance.com