Dactrung - If you're looking for the best place to find Vietnamese lyrics, you must stop by this website !!! You can also find short stories, poems, recipes of Vietnamese Cuisine ...
'2001 Concert  - Silicon Band : Concert of the famous Silicon Band for ASSORV (support for the orphans in Vietnam) on Sunday 11/25/01 in Paris. Great  MP3 recording and high quality pictures. Fantasy, Imagination and Glamour, right in the heart of Paris !!! 
       QUA'N THO+ XO'M SA^U BO` - A new website of the Silicon Band, a Vietnamese Poetic Lovers Society on the Net. You can find poems, discuss with poem lovers, ... . A very nice place to stop by !!!

AOTRANG CALENDAR & GALLERY - Ti\m la.i tuo^?i tho* nga^y, vo*'i mo^.t tho*\i a'o tra('ng. This site captures & celebrates the beauty of the white dress, Ao Trang, through the artistic photography of Hoai Nam. Further more, AT also raises financial support for elderly and handicapped children in Vietnamese Orphanages through the sale of the Ao Trang Calendar and other gifts.
       NON SONG MAGAZINE - One of the richest - content magazines in Vietnamese from California. You can find pages for kids, items about VN culture and miscellaneous topics for the cyber Vietnamese community around the World.
       VIETZEN - Zen materials in Vietnamese. No special Vietnamese fonts required
        THE SILICON BAND - A group of Vietnamese music lovers from Paris. Lots of VN musical references and midis / midi links, lyrics, poems. Try the "Su+ Tu+? Do^~i Ho+`n" at Quy`nh Dao's page...You'll never get married after reading this !!!
VIETNAMESE AMERICAN SOCIETY - A Vietnamese organization which funds, educates and encourages cultural understanding between and among Vietnamese and American communities.

TRAN'S FAMILY HOME PAGE - A family home page from Paris and Montreal with live cam in both cities. Nice pictures and music.


VIDU : LANGUAGE CONSULTING - It is a free service for everyone who is looking for some help in language issues related to Vietnamese and German.


ENGLISH-VIETNAMESE DICTIONARY - A free English-Vietnamese dictionary. It can be used on-line or downloaded. Great for the Vietnamese Community !!!

         ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY IN VIETNAM - This Web site introduces you to the Alliance For Democracy In Vietnam and posts activities of its members--fighters for democracy staying in Vietnam and residing abroad..
          PHAN NGUYEN - CONTEMPORARY ART - Abstract paintings of a famous Vietnamese French artist living in Paris. A new website to discover.
KSVN.COM - You can find an English-Vietnamese online Dictionary, Art Gallery, extensive pictures of Vietnam ...