VIETFRANCE - The very first challenge of the Vietnamese Community in Europe. A unique reference which will lead you to various Vietnamese communities in France and all over Europe

AMICALE DES VIETNAMIENS DE LYON - A Vietnamese Association based in Lyon, the second largest city of France. An organization that works for integration of the Vietnamese in one of the most dynamic regions


AVL '99 SONG CONTEST - A great success for AVL : for the second time, AVL has launched its karaoke song contest on the air through the lifelong FM broadcast program in Lyon. You can listen to the best songs and see the sweetest singers there !!!
     CAO THAI - Cao Thai, a Vietnamese famous singer, presents pictures from the refugees camps in Thailand, Hongkong and Malaysia. A precious web page that describes a painful period of the History of Vietnam. Cao Thai now lives in Paris but he still goes on travelling around the World.
       BACH YEN & TRAN QUANG HAI - Bach Yen & Tran Quang Hai are most likely the ambassadors of Vietnamese traditional and modern music of our time. You can find on this site their activities program, research references from the most famous research center in Europe (CNRS)  and news of the Vietnamese musical community in Europe.
          BAO TRAM - music, poetry and art. A Vietnamese artistic creation page. Bao Tram presents her true and nostalgic feelings of Vietnam with simple and beautiful words from Paris. A must for romantic souls.
        FREE VIETNAM ALLIANCE - VN news in French, English, German and Vietnamese. One of the worldwide organizations that fight for democracy in Vietnam. Comprehensive reports about the present state of the country.
        THONG LUAN - a worldwide organization that struggles for Democracy in Vietnam. You can find excellent news digest in Vietnamese, French and English. Thong Luan is also known as a top level news magazine in Europe.
     LINH SON - Activities of the World Linh Son Buddhist Congregation and teachings of the Buddha.
       THANH LE - The Paris-based Vietnamese dressmaker, Thanh Le, is one of the most talented overseas. His fashion parades of traditional tunics have had great success among the French and the Vietnamese.
  VU HOI NGUYEN SHORT STORIES - Vu Hoi Nguyen narrates Vietnamese community's daily life in France and particularly in Paris through short stories. Remarkably written in Vietnamese.
        DANG'S HOMEPAGE - a precious page about today's Vietnamese Culture and History.
         AAVT - an organization of Vietnamese artists based in Toulouse (South of France). Lots of activities from there.
HUE 2002 - Bicentennial capital of Vietnam in 2002. A must for those interested in Vietnamese Culture and History, lots of very valuable documents (maps, proverbs, paintings, stamps, pictures, other links, ...).
  NGUYEN VAN TAM - original paintings of a famous Vietnamese French artist living in Paris.
       AI VAN IN FRENCH - A French version of Vietnamese singer's fans in Europe.
  VO VIET NAM - One of the Vietnamese martial arts that you can practise in Switzerland.

AGEVP - THSVVN Paris - The official site of General VSA in Paris. Lots of pictures and activities information about the Vietnamese community in Paris.