VIETMEDIA - Chat with your friends, play Chinese chess, read jokes and get new friends at the web site. Works with or without firewall.
VIETBAY - Vietnamese Entertainment in Bay Area: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and around the world. MP3, midis, RealAudio, jokes, horoscopes, free emails, singers' pictures, free access to internet from the US ... are available.

QUA'N MO^.NG MO+ - This is a very romantic and fun place. Stop by and read "chuye^.n kie^'m hie^.p", have a drink at qua'n ca`phe^ and voice chat with your friends. Improve your Vietnamese in Trang Viet, make friends in Trang Ta^m Su+., learn some cooking lessons in Trang Ba.n Ga'i and read best love poems on the Net. 
TIEULAM.COM - Jokes library and other Viet Stuff like short stories, voice chats and games ...
  VIETNAM, MY COUNTRY - Viet Nam Que^ Hu+o+ng To^i, you can find jokes (cu+o+`i bo` la(ng chie^n), love stories (chuye^.n ti`nh) and some cook lessons (nghe^. thua^.t na^'u a(n) 
AudioGalaxy - Looking for Vietnamese MP3's ? That's the place to go ... Millions of songs are available for you.

VIETFUN MIDI PAGE -    all VN midis.

VIETARTISTS - pictures of  VN artists around the world

BAOTRAM - in Montreal and Paris
VIETSPACE - in California
VIETSCAPE - in San Jose
VIETNAMESE HOROSCOPE (LA' SO^' TU+? VI) - Build your horoscope map here and buy a book to translate it into your language ...
VPS - HO^.I CHUYE^N GIA VIE.T NAM - Get the latest version of VPSWIN, VPSKeys and Intelliview for Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Dos platforms.
VNISOFT - Get the free fonts and buy VNI Products from that site.
VISCII - TRICHLOR - Get the free fonts (VISCII) and many software for the Vietnamese community (editors like WinVnkey, pc-karaoke, multimedia applications, screen savers, ...).
VN-RADIONET - Download news in MP3 and listen to the high quality radio on the Net. You need WinAmp to play MP3 files.
VIETTEXT - QUEL SOFTWARE - Download the Viettext program and write your vietnamese texts in any font type (VISCII, VNI, VIQR, eVIQR, TCVN, ...)
VIET-EMAIL - Get your free web-based e-mail here.